California NCLEX-RN timeline?

  1. I am graduating in May. I am just starting to figure out the NCLEX-RN California timeline? First, as I have read rumors, can you take the NCLEX a few weeks before you graduate with the BSN? Is this even a possibility- has anyone done this?

    Also, could you share your NCLEX-RN timeline:
    when you became eligible to sit and
    then when you receive your ATT and
    then how quickly can you make an appointment and sit for the NCLEX?
    Then how long does it take to receive the license (or at least show you have passed for employers)?
    It states on BRN website "several weeks" under each of these steps and this confuses me because of many new graduate positions requiring RN licenses and starting early summer. Anything will help! Thank you!
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    BRN is I think the only state that will allow you to sit NCLEX before your school sends in your transcripts as long as the school confirms you will be graduating and your school is in the state
  4. by   alexiarounin
    just wondering.. california has a new address now.. do we send the application to the new address?..