BACK AT IT but with less motivation... BACK AT IT but with less motivation... | allnurses

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BACK AT IT but with less motivation...

  1. 0 This will be my 3rd attempt at the NCLEX RN....I am less motivated than the first 2 times I can't seem to get my self bk into the study habit...I used the PDA, Saunders, and 4000...This times I am using all of the above and Kaplan....I just registered for Kaplan the March 4 classroom anywhere....The first time I ran out of time at 180 question...the second time I got 265...I got above passing in many different areas....last yr was my first time taking the exam since I grad in 2007....I tried to build my content and practice questions, 75 minimum a day....I am weak in my pharm and my psychosocial...I'm hoping for improvement and a passing now using KAPLAN.....Any Suggestions? or motivational advice.....Thanks
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    How do u practice with kaplan?
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    Have u tried any of the websites?
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    I just ordered the program on my live session will start Monday