1. 0 So, I am doing some research on links between ATI and it's preparation for the NCLEX. I have done plenty of reading on the forum about people's experiences, but I wanted to make it a bit more scientific (or at least as scientific as I could) and see how folks who used ATI concurrently with their classes found it useful. I have no ties to ATI, I am only a student who wants to present a lucid argument for keeping or removing it from the program. Thanks in advance...
  2. Poll: How effective was ATI at preparing you for the NCLEX

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    I'm in the LPN class and also do the ATI testing. It's frustrating I agree but I've had several people tell me that it helps in preparing you for the NCLEX test and without it they probably wouldn't have passed. I guess I'll stick it out and suffer thru the ATI stuff!
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    my program used it. I felt it was good preparation. I got an estimated 99% chance of passing the NCLEX on my first try and I did, with 75 questions.

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