An application should not be causing this much anxiety

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    Ok, I'm in class right now and we're all freaking out about the stupidest thing. Do we need to include single online courses in our educational history on the NCLEX application (NY, if it matters)? A lot of us took a single class online as a pre-requisite, or we took multiple courses at a bunch of different online schools (again, as pre-requisites). Do we need to list all of those online schools on the application?

    Thanks for any info, and I assure you we are all only so manic about something so stupid because we're in NCLEX panic mode.

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    If it was part of your school curriculum then you shouldn't have to. If it was outside of your school and you need to get a transcript from them then you probably do. Call the BON, they are dying to talk to freaked out nursing students. :-)
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    My advise is to walk away from the ones who are freaking out and call the bon yourself.

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