Anyone studying for Nclex in Annapolis MD?

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    Is there anyone in Annapolis - Maryland that is studying for Nclex-RN? Let me know if you are!


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    Yes i am!
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    Omg, that's awesome! The reason I'm asking is because I am looking for a study buddy in the area. I am also studying for boards. I took nclex 2x this year and have been unsuccessful. Both times I was studying on my own and I feel like now maybe having someone to study with, will motivate me & help me see things in a different light. I hope my message isn't creepy in any way. If you are interested, maybe we can meet up at a starbucks and talk. -Rebeca
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    This is crazy! I just finished crying yesterday because of how unmotivated i was. I have taken the NCLEX 3 times already. Yes we can meet up and discuss everything. I think having a study buddy who is going through the same thing you did, and someone who will make sure your on the right track will be great. Send me a private message with your number so we can set something up!

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