Anyone ever hear of the PVT not working?

  1. just curious. i got the good popup today and feel pretty confident, but won't be 100% relaxed until my results are posted. wondered if anyone heard of people doing the trick correctly, getting the good popup, and then failing officially?
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  3. by   huwie_ore
    I also felt the same way dude. I took the test this morning and got the good pop-up but still I don't feel so confident about it.
  4. by   akanini
    You both passed. Congrats! Everyone I know passed with the good pop up, including myself!!
  5. by   plumae
    the pvt works!!! i took the exam on Jan. 3, 2012... bit doubtful with the pvt at first after having a good pop up but i found out today that im a certified US-RN.... extremely happy for it since i was just doing a self review and graduated year 2007... ty lord
  6. by   plumae
  7. by   eatmysoxRN
    There are many threads about this. I've never read that it didn't work. Congrats. =)

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  8. by   nerilene
    it worked for me last friday my name n my licence # was posted on the ny board of nursing