Anyone else having issues with Kaplan's online resources?

  1. Just wondering if anyone else is having trouble accessing Kaplan's material online? Or know what's going on? It seems impossible to get through to customer service and I can't seem to find what the issue is elsewhere. The server was down last night around 9pm and didn't start working again until 10am this morning.. and now it's down again! i'm beginning to loose my patience, as i'm testing next week. AHH
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  3. by   RNTin07
    I think the site is down. It was working for me earlier this morning as I was studying, but now it says something about a buy server. At First I thought it was just me & I had a busy server, but my friends are experiencing the same thing.
  4. by   dankat
    It was fine this morning up until 5pm for me. Now it says it can't find server and now a permanent message saying the site is being fixed.
  5. by   jbjints
    The Kaplan site is up and running now.