any filipinos here that will take nclex?

  1. I just wanna know pm me
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  3. by   s30zurfing
    I am! Ha
  4. by   mariganda30
    I am too!
  5. by   jcmdimaano
    Me! Can we all help each other! 💉💊👏
  6. by   boylibra2003
    me too.
  7. by   dragon_lady
    I am....soon
  8. by   Bella2917
    Another one here!!
  9. by   chelletmarios
    me too.what state are u guys taking?
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  10. by   dragon_lady
    I'm in California but I applied for NY state.
  11. by   Dcmom
    cAli here!
  12. by   jpinay28
    I'm taking soon.. Hopefully il pass this time.. �� Good luck everyone.. We can do this..
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  13. by   chelletmarios
    im in georgia. i took once in florida last october and failed. so, i'm trying georgia now. i'm working as a cNA now for almost 7 months here in florida.
  14. by   chelletmarios
    what are your review materials?