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    Quote from jamesethan
    hi kyliez im still here in ph but i have been approved by ny state..but im still lost in thge way i study..any help and tips on how u study?
    Hello!how many months did you wait to get an approval by NY state board?Thanks and good luck on your upcoming exam

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    Quote from themonyo

    yes I am a resident here in TX. You need to move here first in Texas and apply for a TX state license before they can process your application. Thing is if you're residing in Nebraska(member of Compact State) and planning to apply in Texas(which is a member of CS too) you are not allowed because you need to pass you're home state exam(Nebraska) before you can apply to another compact state. You don't need any English proficiency exam anymore since our course was conducted in English, I just waived it in my CES report.
    Here's what I did:
    1. Apply for CGFNS CES report( I was educated in PH and just came here in US recently, it took me almost 3 months to process that.)
    2. After my CREDENTIAL EVALUATION RECEIVED, I applied for fingerprints for CRIMINAL BACKGROUND CHECK RESULTS( took another 2 weeks)
    3. Passed the nursing jurisprudence exam while waiting for my ATT(took me 6 days to get my ATT) and registered with pearson vue.
    4. Scheduled for my NCLEX exam.
    Thank you so much! I just need to move then which will take couple more months :/ I am mastering the waiting time now lol I really appreciate your reply, something I can look forward too What are your study plans? Good luck on your exam!
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    You're welcome. Study plans? Just keep on studying! Lol! I'm using Saunders 4th ed Q&A book and CD, and before I came here I went to URC nclex review (local review center in our country).
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    count me in
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    Good luck my fellow kababayans!
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    i graduated 2006...sorry to hear that u were denied..actually, i applied august 2011 but BON asked to submit clinical hours and had my ATT last October 2011 but only now i decided to take the exam cuz my ATT will be due this April...i just wondered why they denied you? where did u study ? in Phils? what school?
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    Quote from iloveRed03
    Yea he have ssn, we both have upon entering the us as immigrants aftr 1wk we received our ssn, hmm for i beliv this is a new policy., we recently graduated last 2011 from uphsd. and then bon sent us some request forms to process papers in school and for it to be mailed directly to bon, and were the one who provided them our case forms and stuff (complete).. then turned out not eligible still. Haay .. Ur lucky u ddnt experience that, make the most out of the oppurtunity goodluck!

    sorry to hear that...oh, now I know, maybe u were the one who submitted it. It must from school. What I did was, when the docs already available in our school..I asked my husband to mail to california BON and the envelope must have school stamp sealed and luckily it was approved.
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    Quote from dragon_lady
    Maybe you applied before the concurrency issue came out.I did the same as yours way back 2010 and I got approved.But unfortunately I failed.So when I re applied,this issue came out..

    i dont know about the concurrency issue. What is that all about?..why dont you try to apply in other state instead then reciprocate ur license if u pass. Is that possible?
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    Quote from kewl_nurse2b
    count me in.. I'm here in CA as well, failed but thank God the concurrency didn't bother me.
    I just want to pass this time
    What are the materials you guys are using?
    hi kewl, what is all about concurrency in Cali? I dont have any idea. I just applied there in Cali but i am here in Chicago..
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    Quote from laniann05
    i dont know about the concurrency issue. What is that all about?..why dont you try to apply in other state instead then reciprocate ur license if u pass. Is that possible?
    Kabayans, read ALL the threads posted in the World forum, under "Nurse registration", lots of good reads over there.

    But here's one on the concurrency:

    Here's how to comply:

    The other States enforcing the concurrency rule:

    CA BON discussions about PH grads:

    One option after getting denied by CA BON:

    Those trying to endorse (transfer) from one State license into CA:

    Guys, there's a lot more to read in the section mentioned above!!!

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