any filipinos here that will take nclex? - page 2

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    I'm taking soon.. Hopefully il pass this time.. �� Good luck everyone.. We can do this..
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    im in georgia. i took once in florida last october and failed. so, i'm trying georgia now. i'm working as a cNA now for almost 7 months here in florida.
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    what are your review materials?
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    I got denied by Cali BON now working as an LVN for now,trying my luck in NY state.Im reading Saunders,PDA by la charity and Kaplan strategy books.
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    im taking my nclex here at texas
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    I'm in California
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    Quote from kyliez
    I just wanna know pm me
    me too im planning to take.
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    Same here, I was advised by a friend that if you'll be taking the NCLEX in Texas and you are a Filipino, you shoul dhave a license in the Philippines. Am I correct? Still researchign the policies. OMG! I'm confused. Let's help each other my co-pinous.
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    me too, i'm here in chicago but i register in's easy to apply cali than here..lot of requirements here