Am I Ready for the NCLEX?

  1. 0 Hey guys! I'm scheduled to take the NCLEX Jan. 29th. Since the beginning of the year, I spend about 3 hours a day studying. I'm over half way through reading Saunders (plan on being completely through within a week) and my scores on the questions at the end of the chapters is about 80-100% I'm also going through PDA by LaCharity, I usually get between 80-90%. I've only taken 2 kaplan q-trainers so far...q-trainer 1 I got a 64%, and q-trainer 7 I got 64%. And on my diagnostic pretest on the NCSBN review course I got a 71%. Do I seem to be on the right track for taking the NCLEX? Thanks!
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    I think you are ready with that score..!
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    You ready your scores sound good to me.

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