About to take the Nclex!! Need opinions please on Kaplan scores :]

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    Hello kind people! So I am taking the nclex on MONDAY and I need your opinions on my scores from Kaplan!
    QT7: Taking it tomorrow
    Readiness: 62
    I took 100% of the qbank questions and I averaged 58%
    I know that the scores don't mean as much as the content and understanding but this is my second time taking it and I am so nervous! Help would be greatly appreciated :]

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    Those scores are just fine! Jut remember your priority, infection control, and managment of care and you'll do fine. Good luck!!!
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    I think those scores are how. How much did you get on qt7?
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    I got a 70% on my QT7
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    Hi! how did it go?..hope everything went well..mine its this wk too..

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