48 hours till Nclex should I cancel???

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    I feeling really discourage about taking the Nclex 48hours from now because, my kaplan question trainer score are low! Q 1. 65.4 Q2. 54.7 Q3. 50.0 Q4.56.7 Q5. 56.0 Q6 56.5 and Im scared to take the 7th one! I rather pay 50.00 to rebook then 350.00 to do over! Advice my fellow nurses!

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    I only say yes because you haven't given yourself enough time to do test 7 and go over it. Your scores aren't horrible, still passing, but you should give yourself more time to finish the trainers and read the rationales. Plus you only get charged within 24 hours.
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    Did you do the whole qbank too? I had similar scores and passed with 75 q. I made sure to complete and review the entire qbank along with the tests. Good luck!
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    Go for it! You will do well
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    I say you take it - I think odds are in your favor to pass and even if you don't, at the very least you'll have experienced the whole testing process - well worth the extra $$ i nmy opinion

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