45 days

  1. Hey you guys,

    I wanted to clarify how this retaking NCLEX works. I understand we have to wait 45 days until we can make our appointment. Now my question is when does the 45 day count begin? Does it start once you get your letter that you didn't pass or the day they start processing your files at the BRN when they receive your payment fee for retaking the test?

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  3. by   stephanie11
    I believe it starts the day you took ur nclex, cuz i had to retake me.. so i took mine jan 28, so i had to wait 45 days from jan 28th.. and pay $339.. $200 to pearson vue for the exam and $139 for the nclex application.
  4. by   obloom14
    I took mine on jan 23. Okay so hopefully they count then. I called the BRN they said it also takes about 2 weeks until they go through the paperwork before they send it to pearson vue. I just hope we can take it before april