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2 days, 16 hours..

  1. 2 Until I become an RN (that is my positive thinking) ;-)
    I am sooo freaking out, super nervous. I've never worked so hard for anything in my life; all I want is that good pop up Monday morning! !! Prayers would be much appreciated :-)
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    I will be praying for you Christina. Keep strong. YOU WILL PASS!
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    Thanks so much need all the positivity and prayers I can get
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    Stay relaxed and focused!! You can do it if you believe in yourself but don't put too much stress on yourself!
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    I'll keep u in my prayer...
    do you have the 35 pages notes that floating around in this forum?
    If you have it...go over with that notes for last day studying which is tomorrow,go over with ur normal labs,make sure u recognized ur EKG such as how is Afib look like,how is arrhythmia,Brady,tacky,vfib,v tack,etc from normal to basic abnormal strip look like and at last...
    Pray....take a deep breath.... U got this...good luck....
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    I will keep you in my prayers! May God give you success in your exam. Very all the best from all of us.
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    Yes ac2meang that is exactly weekday i am looking over now
    Thanks All for the well wishes
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    I wish you the very best of luck; prayers aren't needed so much as faith in what you've studied and understand.

    Just a note, though:I see you've only just joined, so maybe you didn't fully read the Terms of Service, but you may not use the title RN until you have actually earned that title....which doesn't come until AFTER you've passed the NCLEX and have become registered by your State. I do hope you pass, of course, but if you shouldn't, please do the right thing and change your user name Monday.

    Best of luck!
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    Got the good pop up! !!!
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    Whoooo hoo !!!
    Soooo happy... I prayed for you 5x harder....
    i want you to pass soo bad... After I read comment made by RNsRWe....
    men....Some ppl...just a mood killer....
    i'll say it for you Christina....
    in your face! RNsRWe!!!
    Next time that kind of comment please just keep it to your self RNsRWE...
    if you already successful RN what so ever since 05 and doesn't have any intention to help out...don't even bother to leave any (unnecessary)comment....
    and for last have a nice life....
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    Congrats!! whoo hoo!!...I am testing next wk..pray for me!