"results on hold"

  1. I took the NCLEX today. It shut off at 75 and I had 30 select all that apply. I was a straight A student and left the center feeling really good about the test. Then, I get home try the pearson vue trick and get the message saying my results are on hold. Now I am terrified and second guessing every answer I entered. Has this happened to anyone else? I did fly through the test, but I am a fast test taker, I took no breaks and only used one side of the white board, I don't know why else I would be "on hold"
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  3. by   hajmaja
    I will advise you just take it easy. Sometimes you think something negative has happened, but I am promising you they might be having some problems with how intelligent you are and after discovering you are just gifted, they will release your result and just note it that you are genius. Let me use this opportunity to congratulate you in advance. You are really a genius!