Where are the MOntana Nurses?

  1. 0 Hello All,

    I don't live in Montana any more (born and raised in the Flathead Valley), but I would consider it down the road (post graduation.)

    Happy Holidays Y'all.
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    Hi..... I worked at Kalispell Regional Hospital for 10 yrs beginning in 1984. I liked the hospital and loved the Flathead Valley. Winters were a little rough and my husband had a very hard time maintaining employment there (he was a machinist), so we relocated to Oregon. Oregon medical care is superior, so it was a good move for me.
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    Good to hear from you! I put the post out to see if anyone even look at this BB.

    I love the Flathead Valley. As a matter of fact I was born and raised in the Whitefish area.

    I have been away from the valley nearly 10 years. My husband and I get a change to vacation there from time to time. I do consider going there (short term assignment) for a short period of time to work after I graduate. Just hopefully not winter time. ( I am spoiled here in Texas )

    I have alot of family in Oregon, I like it there too. Probaby will never live in the NW again though.

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