is the BON in MT slow or fast?

  1. hi
    i am moving to mt, but was wondering how long it takes the BON to endorse your lic?
    some states take forever (NY) and some are fast . i do have 4 other lic for the board to verify, but they use nursys or are pretty quick about returning the letters.....
    just wondering how long it took the BON to lic you?

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  3. by   husker_rn
    I got my original licensure from them but they have always been very helpful and nurses I've met getting licensed by endorsement seemed to be pleased with their handling of licenses.
  4. by   mickey72
    I sent in my application for endorsement last week. They processed my application in two days and sent me an email confirming the status of my application. It depends on your current license's board of nursing verification process...mine is from Kansas and they don't belong to the automated verification system called NURSYS so it has been a week and I haven't heard from MT BON on receipt of verification. Hopefully it will happen soon...I'm ready to find a job! Good luck to you.
  5. by   mickey72
    got my license yesterday...took about two and half weeks total to get my endorsement!