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Your favorite apps!

  1. 0 I have a subcatagory "Medical" in my iPhone where the apps I love are kept. I was wondering what some of your favorite apps are? Mine are...

    Lab Values +: ($2.99) Fantastic app for looking up normal and abnormal lab values and their significance. Also has a medical abbreviations and medical prefix/suffix tab that I don't really use, but seem like would be great for pre-nursing students.

    Micromedex: (Free) The same Micromedex you know and love, in an app version. Gory detail of all things pharmacological.

    : (Free demo. $2.99 upgrade) My FAVORITE app period. This is the most fun game for anyone in the medical field looking to grow their knowledge. You're given a patient with a problem, you're the doctor, Go! 5 stars for this one!

    iPharmacy: (Free) I truly don't use this much at all. I originally downloaded it under the impression that I could take a picture of a pill and it would find the name. I tried it once at work when I needed it and it failed. I called the pharmacy and they figured it out by my description. Real pharmacy trumped iPharmacy on this one.

    Medscape: (Free) Peer-reviewed journals galore. Want to know what the literature says about a new antibiotic? Unsure whether it is best practice to flush vents with saline? This app is for you!

    Critical Care: ($0.99) This is my most recently downloaded app, so I'm not uber-familiar with it. However it does have a wealth of information! Built in NIH and Glascow Coma Scores among many other scores make for a handy go-to. It's also filled with critical situation algorithms good for the first time ACLS learner or the oldy just looking to brush up. It still has some major bugs to it, but I anticipate these to improve as the app gains popularity.

    What do you have on your phone?
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    Epocrates: Free version very good for drug checking. There is a paid version, haven't tried it yet, may do so after I finish my Family Nurse Practitioner program. It is great for identifying pills. I use this all the time with my patients when they can't remember the exact name of the med they are on or if it is a really new drug that I am not familiar with.

    Tabers: $39.99. Pricey, but it is very good for for when you have that pt that has a rare disease you never heard of before. Also helps with spelling.