Why PDA's and iPhones?

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    I am starting nursing school this fall woohoo!! FINALLY!! I see a lot of students have iPhones and PDA's. I am curious why? Will these help me study? I have an android currently. I just do not quite grasp the concept of having a PDA or iPhone? what is everyone using them for? Just need some inside info on these things!! I want to be prepared as possible for school this fall.

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    This time around for me with the RN program I was able to upload an app that that has all my texts book on it Its call page burst. This will be great for me so I wont have to lug my books around when im working I can study from my phone or like a few days ago, I was called for jury duty.. one less hassle sometimes. I also have a drug books, lab values app, nclex app..
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    What is the best drug book and lab values app?
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    I choose the free and less expense ones.. i bought the phone to buy this nearly 150 app but i cant bring myself to do that
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    I have an android and can get many apps on it. I use it every day in my practice... even the Docs ask me to look stuff up.
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    And then there is ready access to Angry Birds. Priceless.
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