What's your favorite Iphone app?

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    I have seen a lot of docs and nurses lately using their Iphones to look things up (and maybe texting, who knows ).

    Do you have a favorite app? I have tried to find some nursing related ones, and there don't seem to be many. The only ones I have found are for studying for the NCLEX. If you could make an app, what would you want it to do?

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    I love my IV drip rate app, and my ATI NCLEX testing app.
    I guess it's more of a student nurse app.
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    I am a home health nurse, and I find Medscape very helpful to look up interactions with their new meds...or those OTC meds, herbs and supplements that the patient never tells the pharmacist or the doc about!
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    I have many spanish translator app... iTranslate is my new favorite
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    Jibbigo English to Spanish (vice-versa) translator
    Epocrates drug reference
    ECG Guide
    Call of Duty World at War: Zombies

    (FYI the last two ain't really "nursey" apps)
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    Skyscape's Nursing Constellation -- Davis Drug guide, IV drug guide, calculators, tons of good stuff!
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    Angry Birds...for when I just need to take the stress out on those little piggies.
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    Do the previously mentioned apps work on ATT/Sprint/TMobile/Verizon smart phones?
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    Are there any apps that help with careplans? Lol.
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    Will move this to the Nursing and Computer Forum.

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