What's on My Ipod

  1. What's on My Ipod?

    Ok I promised to let you all know about my explorations on my Ipod Touch. So here goes. All my medical applications take up less than a gig so it will all fit in. But remember to leave a little room for some fun stuff.

    Medical Applications
    1. Epocrates - Got to love that pill identifier. I don't use it for the dosing or anything, just the pill identifier. Def worth it's price. FREE. 
    2. Skyscape - I decided to go with Skyscape. I've used it forever on my palm and I like the way it all links t0gether. I've only got Davis drug guide & Archimedes running right now. I'm in the process of swapping stuff over.
    3. ACLS & Pals algorithms
    4. Perfect Wheel. I'm an ER nurse and spend a lot of time in Triage and I can never find the OB Wheel.
    5. A couple of PubMed applications. _ I'm a grad student, there is always time to look up an article for future papers.
    Non Medical
    1. Stanza - I like to read and it's the best of the ebook readers out there rignt now. Still working out the bugs of converting other formats.
    2. Loose It. I'm working on loosing weight.
    3. Blog writers - still experimenting with the one I like the best. It's harder to type a lot on the touch than on the palm.
    4. Bible Reader with a couple different translations
    5. Google Tools
    6. You Tube - great place for video's on medicine as well as entertainment
    7. Contacts
    8. Calendar
    9. Still looking for the ultimate todo /task list
    1. Bejewled
    2. Blue Sky lite

    Podcasts I listen to

    1. The Nursing Show
    2. Emergency Nursing Today
    3. Nurse Morning Coach
    4. PHTLS
    5. Surgery ICU
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  3. by   Iheartadvice
    The iPod touch rocks for work and quick access to email/surfing at home. WiFi at the hospital is very easy to access.

    Epocrates - a must have for any apple wifi medical user... and I think they just updated w/ new diseases and labs libraries too. Lots of new stuff I haven't downloaded yet...

    Eponyms is another really cool program for free. Large database of medical info... all those big words you see in progress notes.

    As far as other random programs I use frequently...
    The web surfing is very easy and user friendly.
    Wikipedia, google, weather, contacts are all very useful

    My new favorite is the google earth program... SO cool.

    And I'm the facebook program more than I'd like to admit.

    Lots of random stuff...

    The downside... Itunes and PC don't work that well together.

    At apple they have a whole user guide too.
  4. by   CraigB-RN
    I've never had a problem with itunes on a PC. Now if I could get it to run on a linux box.

    As to Epocrates, you don't need wifi. It's a native application that stays on the touch or iphone. You do need wifi to update it. I've not looked at the $$$ version, I'm more interested in the implementation information that you have to get from some of the other $$ programs like the Davis Drug Guide in what ever form you get it in. Of all things it needs a flash plug in for the safari browswer.

    In general when I would through the doors of the hospital or get into the aricraft I shut the wifi off. You'll run down the battery in a couple of hourse with the wifi on.

    I do recoment that you get a case for it, whatever floats you boat and make sure you've got a charger for it. The battery doesn't last as long as the one on my Palm
  5. by   ksangel
    the more i read the more i want an ipod touch or pda.

    i just think it would be a great tool in the nursing dept.... no matter what facility im in. and figuring out how much memory i actually need. less memory means less other junk.... it is suppose to be for work.... my current mp3 player holds 4gb of music........but there is close to 80gb on my computer... yes i like music and games.... seen advertisements on tv last night on ipod touch... like those games.... what to do????

    i have always loved techy toys..... i even bought a wii for me when they came out..... have a creative zen mp3 that i love and my b/f uses it more than his which is just 1 step down from mine.

    keep us informed craig
  6. by   ksangel
    just purchased an itouch......

    having a little trouble several free downloads now want a user id and password?

    this is my first ipod and a bit confusing for me..... have davis drug guide, nursing central, epocrates, lab on it at the moment

    do i need to register the software or what?
  7. by   Flare
    Free downloads still want your password to access your account. When you plug back into your computer, the ipod will sync back to your computer.
    I just got mine and don't have too many apps on it yet - i have things like lose it and the betty crocker cookbook. I wish they had some of the nclex review stuff like that when i was studying - i'd have constatnly been glued to that thing!

    Keep the suggestions as to what apps you're downloading coming!
  8. by   CraigB-RN
    You'll need to put in your Itunes account info and repeat your password everytime you download something directly.
  9. by   CraigB-RN
    I added another program to my list.

    I went with tabors, I'm glad I went with the skyscape products, they just link better. The data quality is the same betweein, unbound and skyscape. I just like the linking a little better. Personal preference.

    I awaiting the release from databiz on their documents to go.

    I've tried using the file transfer programs but I can't get the wifi adapter I bought to work on my desktop. It's a vista thing. I'm still working on it however.

    Had a couple of OD's last week, the kind with all the pills in one bottle. We were able to identify 100% using the pill identifiew in epocrates. It's def worth more than I payed for it. I'm debating updating to the paid version to see how it works, but I think I'm almost out of grant money.
  10. by   jc3015
    Quote from ksangel
    just purchased an itouch......

    having a little trouble several free downloads now want a user id and password?

    this is my first ipod and a bit confusing for me..... have davis drug guide, nursing central, epocrates, lab on it at the moment

    do i need to register the software or what?
    The Epocrates Rx app is complete and I think I had to register it when I first installed it. Nursing Central is not actually a free app, it's a front end for installing the actual application that you have to purchase at the Unbound web site. It's initially expensive but I've been using it for quite a while and wouldn't do without it. The second year's subscription update was a lot cheaper than the initial purchase. j
  11. by   snortzmom
    Were you able to find the ACLS and PALS algorithms as a free or low cost application? I am also looking for a free or low cost application which addresses IV drug compatibility if you know of a good one... Thanks!
  12. by   CraigB-RN
    The ACLS and PALS algorythms are on Itunes. They are usefull. How usefull is up to you. I"m both an ACLS and PALS instructor so I can spout the algorythms in my sleep. I have it on my ipod so I can use it as a teaching tool as needed. I can't remember off the top of my head but I don't think they cost more than a couple of bucks.
  13. by   ksangel
    there are pals and acls applications on itunes. they are like 4.99 or something like thats. do a search in medical to find them
    i havent downloaded them yet. when i get another itunes card i plan on adding those as well. i want way to many applications. i only started with a $15 card.... so i havent been buying lots. have around 20 applications i have downloaded. over half were free or .99
  14. by   ksangel
    i just downloaded the nursing constellation all in one. i love this program. i will be eventually adding a few others resources...signs symptoms, medical dictionary, nursing manual, diseases and disorders.

    the more i learn how to work this ipod the more i love it.

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