What's a great nursing app to use during clinical rotation? What's a great nursing app to use during clinical rotation? | allnurses

What's a great nursing app to use during clinical rotation?

  1. 0 Hi everyone just wondering whats a great medicine/student nurse app to use on my phone during clinicals instead of bringing a drug guide book and nursing diagnosis book! Thanks :spin:
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    we use medscape... it has alot of useful programs.
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    we use nursing central from unbound medicine, it's great :-)
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    I had nursing central from unbound medicine while in school and been using it everyday at work for more than a year. I really liked that with the subscription you get updated content for a year. Then when my subscription was over, I still got to keep what I already had, just no more updates. I mostly only used the drug guide, though. I'm going to buy something different soon. Probably Skyscape's nursing constellation. It's cheaper.
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    I bought nursing central for $150 right before I started nursing school. I use it on the iphone. The 1st two semesters I mostly used the drug guide and tabers (tabers saved me). The 3rd and 4th semesters I mostly used the disease and disorders, drug guide and tabers. I did not find the labs values very helpful. That being said, Davies is not the best drug guide on the iphone. In my opinion Micromedix is better. I usually flip between Micromedix (which is free) and davies. Micromedix is more concise and I like the layout better. Neither guide does a very good job on fluid compatibility with piggyback and iv pushes. I have yet to find a good app for this.

    I just received an offer to update nursing central for $99. I don't think I will spend the money. Tabers doesn't need to be updated (not every year at least) and micromedix is fine. If I was just starting nursing school, I would just get Tabers for $50 through nursing central and Micromedix for free. You could get tabers on the kindle for $25 ish and use it under the kindle app on the iphone (I haven't tried it but I think it would work). Nursing central' s disease and disorder gives you an idea of whats going on with your patent but its another $50.

    One of the reason I bought nursing central was that all the guides were in one app. After using it for a while, I would prefer to have separate apps. If looking up a drug and a medical term on the same patient its a pain in the butt. If there were two apps I could flip back and forth. Since they are in the same app I have to look up the drug, get out of the drug guide and into tabers to look up the term. Of course I always need to go back to the drug guide because I forgot to check something on the drug...You have to search the drug again. Pain in the butt.
    Sorry for the long post
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    Epocrates--basic version is free. The version I use has lab tests, drug, diagnosis,treatment, antidotes,med math tools and visual guide (EKG's, CT's, x-rays etc).