What are your favorite phone apps as a student and RN?? - page 2

Feel free to share any smart phone apps that you find it very helpful for you as a nursing student or a working RN. Particularly, I am looking for a good pathophysiology phone app and lab diagnostic test app. Thank you!... Read More

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    4Shared.com has some great free PDFs that you can upload. I have downloaded and use RNotes, Lab and Diagnostic handbook, Davis's drug Guide, quick careplans, PDF's of my books online (sometimes they are the older version but it's portable!), NCLEX study text, and a TON of other really helpful docs!

    I hope you can use them!


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    Critical Care (FREE and this is a goldmine of information!)
    ACLS manual
    Lab Values+ (I think $1.99 or $2.99)
    Qx Calculate
    Stroke Scale (NIHSS)
    ABG Eval
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    For android:

    - IV Drips
    - NurseCalcs
    - Hemodynamics
    - IV Infusion Calc (Free)
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    Mini Nurse Lite (free)
    Mini Nurse (2.99)
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    Lexicomp. Has everything I need including IV compatibility

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