What laptop do you use?

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    Maybe not exactly nursing related, but nursing school/college related. I'm just curious what laptop to do have? Do you like/dislike it?

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    I have a HP HDX 16 Premium Notebook. Bought it last August before it was replaced by the DV7. I really like it and it does all I need it to do and then some. It came with Vista but I'm now running System 7 on it. Have yet to find any compatibility issues for school software with system 7.
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    For nursing, what is better? a PC or a mac?
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    Dell Studio (16' i think) - and I love it! kinda big, but i dont use my desktop anymore, so I like the bigger screen. some kids at nursing school have a big one at home and bring their little one to class, which is handy, but the small screen would get on my nerves. the back-lit keyboard was the selling point for me - its sooo handy!
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    Quote from kittycoco
    For nursing, what is better? a PC or a mac?
    To each his own on this topic. Personally I'm a PC person. Mac's don't come with Microsoft products like word and powerpoint. You either have to buy them or use the mac version. To much hassle in my mind.
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    Quote from kittycoco
    For nursing, what is better? a PC or a mac?
    I had a Sony vaio, nice computer, but windows was a mess. Bought my first Apple this year and I adore it! Haven't had any problems opening files or using any cd's that came with my texts. I vote Macbook
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    I have a Sony Vaio. It has the new Windows 7 OS, which has some really cool features. I was trying to decide between a PC and a Mac, and it all came down to cost in the end.
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    I'm not tech-savvy at all so the main reason I have a MacBook is because I like the design. My bf likes Apple so he had some influence on my choice, as well.

    I use it primarily to browse the net and take notes while I read. I don't think I'd bring it to lecture to take notes as I still prefer pen and paper.
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    I have a Mac and i'll never go back!!! Seriously, after owning PC's for years I decided to buy a Mac last summer before I started back to college...I was kinda scared since I don't know much about them, but they came with way more programs than any of the PC's did and I loved it's simplicity and ease of use. Not to mention the guy at Best Buy trying to sell me a PC said he just bought a Mac two weeks earlier. LOL. It was the smartest purchase I think I have ever made. It was very easy to transition over to, took about a day to get the basics down. Powerpoint and Word for Mac are additional, but in turn, Mac's rarely get viruses and I have spent the last year saving on not needing any virus protection. I have not had any compatability issues yet. My 21 year old daughter who is also a nursing student bought her first Mac last semester for her nursing classes (and she was big on HP's) and is equally as excited about hers. Also, Apple has the BEST tech-help of any computer company I have ever dealt with (needed help setting up airport extreme). Yes, I am excited and happy with my Mac and would very highly recommend it!
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    I like PCs myself...I definitely don't think that Macs are easier to use, plus they're way more expensive! My PC has very similar specs to a Macbook but only cost me $650 dollars. It's an Asus U81A. I absolutely love it! And since it's an older style, I think they run for about $450-500 now.
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