What is a PDA for ?

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    Im looking for something quick to look up meds in my new hospital job. I dont want to carry a book.
    I know I can get a PDA and download a program onto it and use that. But what if I need to look up a medical term Im unfamiliar with? Will I have access to the internet with a PDA?
    Basically, besides storing a program on it, what else can a PDA do for me in clinical that would be helpful?
    Thank you and Im sorry with not being tech savy. I have a crappy phone- no iphone

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    May want to consider the ipod touch if you do not want a phone which has wifi so if wifi available you can access the internet plus you can get lots of programs like drug books that can be accesses with or without access to the internet
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    I concur with the previous post. The capabilities are rapidly endless.
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    i agree iphone/ipod is best and nothing can beat it.

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