What is on your smart device (and what do you have)?

  1. Im looking into either an iPod Touch or an iPad for school. What apps have been helpful to you as a nursing student? In theory is it more practical to have something more portable like the iTouch vs the iPad should you want to carry it in your pocket during clinicals?

    Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   BacktotheBeach
    I have an Ipod touch in my pocket at all times at clinicals and I love it! Other students and the instructor often ask me to use it. Yes, I think the Ipad would be too cumbersome to be of much use.

    There are some great apps. I have Nursing Central, which is kind of spendy, but it includes Tabers, Davis Drug Guide, a disease and disorder book, a lab guide and more. It is well worth it. There are also lots of free apps that are just great too. Even some really nice free drug guides, like Micromedex.

    If you go to the mobile computing forum and search there, there's tons of posts and advice.
  4. by   5LR14

    I have an iPad2 and an iPhone4. I'm in love with them both for so many different reasons!! There are tons of helpful apps for both devices like drug guides, medical dictionaries, nclex practice questions, etc. Also, my favorite thing is the Tegrity app. All of our nursing lectures are recorded by our instructors and are uploaded unto Tegrity. The app makes it so simple to carry my lectures around everywhere.

    iPod Touch or iPhone pros: wi-fi, easy web access anywhere there is a wi-fi connection. (iPhone has 3g so you can have internet anywhere), helpful apps, very portable

    iPad pros: larger screen, portable, easy to take notes on if you are used to the touch screen keyboard, basically the same as the iPod/iPhone only larger, also has wireless and 3g capabilities (depending on which model you get), can download notes and print using a wireless printer directly from the iPad, can also use your text books online if your textbook companies offer it, oh and it has an extremely awesome battery life.

    I have honestly only used my lap top twice since we got our iPad 3 months ago. That was when I needed to upload some picture from a CD. (The iPad doesn't have a disk drive, although there are rumors that they are coming out with an attachment for one, not sure how true it is though)

    Hope this helps some!!

    My husband has also looked into getting a Samsung Galaxy tablet too. I think they are supposed to be pretty useful too, but I'm a total Apple geek. I was already familiar with the userface. There are also more apps offered for the iPad, and less chance of iPad/iPhone getting hacked through apps. (all apps from the App Store have to be aproved by Apple, so there's no chance of 3rd party apps that run viruses.)

    edit: I should add that while in clinicals I use my iPhone or iPod touch and in class I use the iPad.
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  5. by   BelleNscrubs04
    I have an iPhone and an iPad. Our school requires us to purchase a package of Apps. I'm not sure which I'll use for clinicals. My iPad has a much longer battery life and I'll have many of my textbooks on it, along with my notes ( I have a great note taking/audio recording app). I would like to have it but like you mentioned it won't just fit in my pocket. I'm thinking that I might be able to keep it inside one of those storage clipboards that many on this site have recommended for clinicals though.
  6. by   szeles23
    I was instructed by other students in my program to go with an ipod touch. I have an android phone that I could get the nursing central apps for but I will just wait to get anything until our 2nd orientation days I guess.
  7. by   whichone'spink
    Well, if you get an Android phone, you'll have to pay a lot for the plan required for it. Better to pay more for an iPod touch up front.
  8. by   traumaRUs
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  9. by   Circejane
    One thing to keep in mind is that many clinical sites and programs do not allow you to have phones on the floor. When in school, I went with an iPod Touch because of this, and never regretted it. At the time, you couldn't text with a Touch, and they didn't have cameras. Mine still works beautifully, and my Nursing Central apps are a bit out of date but still usable.

    Years later, I'm finally transitioning to using my Android phone for my medical apps, but only because I work in a small CCU where everyone knows I'm accessing medical info, not texting or playing Angry Birds.
  10. by   theantichick
    I also went with an iPod Touch, got a 3rd gen from the Apple refurb store. The 3rd gens have no camera... so there's no chance of the appearance of impropriety. I've found that in many hospitals I've got zip for cell reception, so it wouldn't do me any good even if it wasn't an issue on the floor. My iPod Touch with NursingCentral and a few others like the NCLEX review cards and a medical calculator, are indispensable. I'm also a bit of a germaphobe, so I like having the unit I use at the hospital separate from my daily phone.

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