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  1. by   JustaGypsy
    I too am an iPhone junkie. I disable the phone at work, or turn off ringer, and have yet had no prob;ems as I am sure not to abuse at work. Last year they really started cracking down on cell phone use, and I went directly to my manager, showed her what I use and why, with the understanding that I would most certainly not be abusing it. I have received nothing but positive feedback, and I believe it is because I was forthcoming. In fact, one of our educators has sought ME out to pick my brain about what to use. Since our facility subscribes to micromedex, and the download is free thru our facility, it has actually proven my case.... My "go to" apps: micromedex (free), epocrates (paid), Medscape (free), Davis' drug guide (paid), Pedi-safe (paid), acls and pals advisor (paid). I have yet to have a complaint, but as I said, I am SURE not to abuse...
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    Quote from starmickey03
    Yea, I ended up getting 32g on the iTouch. The new 3rd generation iTouch only has 8g, 32g, or 64g. There's no in between now.

    It would have been nice to just get the iPhone if they had service with another provider besides AT&T. Im not a fan of their service coverage at all. Compared to Sprint and Verizon, they just dont offer service good enough for me. Id become very frustrated very quickly.
    Verizon now offers iphones
    Of course, they started doing that AFTER I got my droid. I didn't want to leave Verizon just for the iphone so I got the droid.