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Verizon Phones

  1. 0 I have always had the basic flip phone, and now that I am starting nursing school people have impressed upon me the need for a smart phone--in fact even the faculty recommend it. The thing is===I don't really understand all the mumbo jumbo enough to get a phone that I really need. The phones they recommended at orientation (i-Phone) are not carried by Verizon. The phone that I want the most is the Touch Pro 2, but I want to make sure I get the apps that are beneficial to student nurses. Does anyone know if this phone is sufficient, or can recommend Verizon phones which would be beneficial?
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    I would contact someone in the program and get a list of recommended applications. After doing this you can determine how many of them are available for a windows based device.

    An alternative to the iPhone would be the iPod Touch as it is capable of running all of the applications as the iPhone.

    I hope this information was helpful.