1. So I was allowed to upgrade my phone this past April, but I was wanting to see if I got accepted first and my letter came today. I am wondering which smart phones everyone likes from Verizon? I have talked with a NS and I was informed that one prof. all owes smart phones, but another one does not. This will probably be used as a reference when studying on my own.
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  3. by   RNforLongTime
    iPhone 4 all the way!!!
  4. by   GamerGirL337
    I disagree....

    It really depends on what you are looking for in a phone...iPhone 4 is standard, it hasn't changed and there isn't going to be another one for at least a year...

    what a lot of people don't know is that by december of this year there will be quad core processors in phones, (which the iPhone does not have) we've made it to dual core so far, (right now anything with 4GLTE is pretty amazing, such as the Droid X2, and the Motorola Bionic (the bionic hasn't been released yet, but is pretty amazing and its what i'm planning on getting (but because i'm not due for an upgrade until NEXT year, i'm paying full price for nursing school...)

    but I'm also considering the Nook Color, just because its extremely lightweight, and doesn't have THOUSANDS of apps, like the iPad, or motorola Zoom does making it irresistible to do everything else....basically for 250$ i'll be getting something thats much easier to carry around to read, high light and make notes in my nursing books (our school offers a package, which if we buy we get a free download of all our books plus the yay!)
  5. by   foreverLaur
    The iPhone does not (and will never) have Flash so any Flash enabled website or app will not run on an iPhone. Also, Google as an exclusive Android contract so Google appls are also not available on the iPhone. They are also more expensive then Android phones and do not offer expandable memory.

    Like the poster above, I am buying a Droid Bionic when it is released this summer. It will have memory and a processor equal to what is in a computer - the first of its kind of a cell phone. It will be amazing!

    On the market now, I have a Droid X and love it. The Droid X2 is out now and I'm sure it is even better. Everyone loves the HTC Incredible and Incredible 2. The HTC Thunderbolt has gotten great feedback as well.

    For school, I would definitely go for a phone with the big 4.3" display. Once you get used to it, you can never imagine going back to a smaller screen! I use my Android phone all the time in school and at clinical and it is wonderful.
  6. by   Robublind
    Quote from GamerGirL337
    I disagree....

    It really depends on what you are looking for in a phone...iPhone 4 is standard, it hasn't changed and there isn't going to be another one for at least a year...
    I disagree with this...The strong rumors running around now that we will see a new iPhone coming in Sept.

    So I wouldn't buy an iphone now but wait until Sept. (Latest I hear Apple will show it off at the end of Aug.)

    I think it all comes down to availability of apps. And with a few exceptions both the iphone and android will have the apps you need. (You are going to need a drug guide and tabers for clinical.) There are dozens of threads discussing apps.

    Things to look for:
    -is the battery going to last the entire day. (my 2 year old iphone last the whole 12 hours) some androids will not but check with other users.
    -Does my school require a particular app suite?
    -will the hospitals allow phone use in the hospital (Itouch will work also)
    -If you are going to buy android, see if the manufacturer regularly updates the OS. Some will drag their heels before they will release the updates.
    -I am looking at the android phone for myself because of the larger screens. Sometimes the small iphone screen makes it hard on my old eyes.

    I had a couple friends in school with androids that would die after 8 hours. But there are some HTC phones that last longer than the iphone.

    Flash- I have yet to say "ooh crap i dont have flash on my phone". I have yet to see it run well on an android phone. It usually slow and burns up your battery.

    I wouldnt bring a nook, or other pad to clinicals, you are just asking for it to walk away.

    Usually you don't start clinicals until half way through the first semester. So take your time and shop wisely.
  7. by   GamerGirL337

    Even if a "new" iphone comes out in September, we are not going to see a dual core iphone for at least a year or more.

    Verizon, and AT&T have already released dual core phones that blow the iPhone out of the water...(such as the Droid Bionic, which i believe will be the best new phone released this year at minimum)

    Also I'm getting a nook color for studying on the go, not for clinicals, i think it would be pointless for clinicals anyways as it doesn't have apps that most tablets/smartphones have now...but its so lightweight and allows you to highlight/make notes in the books...

    One thing however...the original Samsung galaxy tab (7.1) is just that...7.1 inches...its a little bigger then the iphone, relatively lightweight, allows for texting, and runs on android, so you get all of androids apps, plus its cheaper then a phone....199$ brand new with a 2yr contract, and only around 20-30$ a month depending on your 3g-wifi usage...
  8. by   Southern Magnolia
    I 2nd the comment that I have yet to have an issue from not having flash capability on my iphone. Sure there is the occasional ad that doesn't work but NOTHING I really wanted to see had issues. There's a reason iPhone doesn't have flash - it wasn't an oversight. Most programers are starting to eliminate flash in favor of other options that work better anyway.

    My iPhone and iPad are two of the best purchases I've made in the last year - besides my iMac. I'm 100 sold.
  9. by   4_Sq
    Wow.. GamerGirl337.. you sound like quite the techy.. thanks very much for sharing your knowledge.. I have been thinking iphone.. now will research more.
    (I am a Mac lover from a way back)
  10. by   my4helpers
    Now I am even more confused! LOL!! I also have a feeling that my current phone is about to die as well!
  11. by   Rntr
    Well, I want to keep up with this post as I am in the market for a new phone this fall.... not in school but want to keep up with technology..thanks