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  1. 0 I just purchased Nursing Central (Taber's, Davis x 2, Diseases & Disorder, & MEDLINE) from Unbound for my iPhone. It is usually $160 but with the coupon code uacom it was 25% off at $120. And I LOVE the app! It is user friendly and has all the info you'll need. Just thought I'd share! Good luck = )
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    How does this compare to the competition? Constellation Plus for $180

    Davis Drug Guide
    RN notes: Nurses clinical pocket guide
    Disease and Disorders: A nursing therapeutics manual
    Davis's Comprehensive handbook of lab and diagnostic tests
    tabers cyclopedia
    archimedes 360 med calculator
    life support 360

    what is the main difference between unbound and skyscape?
    I'm really thinking about jumping on this deal.
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    That is a good deal. I bought the app in Feb 09 and paid $140ish. I mostly use the drug guide and tabers encyclopedia. And once in awhile, i'll look at the labs and dx app.
    As for the constellations plus, I guess you are just paying for the extra books. And I have no clue what those books are, but,for me as a nursing student, I'm content with the programs that I have.
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    when you type in a keyword does the other software pop up like in skyscape's smartlink option?

    I went to checkout and its $160 per year. You're paying $120 for a 1 year subscription whereas nursing constellation plus you pay $180 upfront and you're set for life.
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    coupon doesn't work, is there a new one?
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    If any one has codes, please send me. thanks
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    Any way to find out a new coupon code for nursing central? I tried the one you listed but to no avail
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    Quote from rmb7190
    Any way to find out a new coupon code for nursing central? I tried the one you listed but to no avail
    you just missed their year end sale. every december they offer 20% off all their products. they don't really run any other promotions afaik

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