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  1. 0 I have a Droid X and want to know which apps are recommended for any and all purposes during school...Are bundles better than individual apps? Are books better than apps, etc...I figure if I have the phone and capability for consolidating information and resources I want to use it to the best of my ability.

    Any and all suggestions are appreciated. I am sure others would have interest in other platforms as well.

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    You might get more responses in the mobile computing forum. There's actually a thread going on right now about Unbound Medicine. That is what I have and I love it. There are also lots of free apps that are great!
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    Let me move this to the Mobile Computing Forum - above poster is right - there will be more answers there.

    Good luck.
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    Thanks for the move...will be checking this out!
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    I wouldn't buy a book drug guide. I find the apps are better, easier and faster to look up drugs (and they are FREE). I would download Micromedix (free drug guide) and Medscape (free everything else). I would not buy the nursing central for the 1st semester, wait until you think you need it. The main apps in nursing central that I used was the drug guide and tabers. The only thing I would buy is Tabers for Android (you will use it alot in the 1st semester). For me the fewer books I have to lug around the better. The 3 main nursing books I used weighted a ton. If I could have gotten my books on the ipad, I think I would have spent the money. There are a few other posts on apps for nursing school, I would look at those.
    Right now I have on my iphone (most of these are on Android)these nursing apps:
    Nursing Central $150 ish
    Micromedix Free
    Medscape (Free)
    Whites fast facts ($40ish)
    QxCalculate Free
    Nursing notes $I forget
    Epocrates Free
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    Thanks a ton. Very much appreciated.

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