Taber's Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary for iPhone - Help!

  1. I just download Taber's Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary (full version) on iTunes, but when I open the app on my iPhone I can't find the illustrations anywhere. I'm not sure if I am not looking in the correct place or if the app did not download everything. Can someone let me know where they should be?
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  3. by   BacktotheBeach
    When I open up Taber's, I get 3 choices, entries, appendices and illustrations. This is Taber's through Nursing Central.
  4. by   capella44
    Hmm. I purchased this as a stand alone on iTunes. I have looked everywhere and there is no section for figures or illustrations. The description on the product page where I downloaded it from clearly states it has over 1,000 illustrations and even shows a screen shot of one. I have emailed the customer support department with USBMIS which is the company that is listed on the page.
  5. by   capella44
    I just got a response back from USBMIS support and this is what they said:

    "Unfortunately, there is no direct link for all the illustrations. Illustrations are scatters throughout the app with their corresponding subject, For example, the following two paths lead to illustrations:
    Appendix > Nutrition > Food Guide Pyramids
    Appendix > Manual Alphabet"

    I am confused by this as the screen shot they show on their purchase page shows a diagram of the Vagus nerve, but this diagram does not appear to be in my app. Are there anatomical illustrations like this in your version?
  6. by   capella44
    Ooops! Never mind my first post...found the illustration, but really had to do some digging for it. Wish I had known there was not a seperate section for the illustrations before I purchased the app from this source.
  7. by   Nazstamor
    You can get to the Vagus Nerve image two ways.
    When you pull up Taber's Dictionary, within the header, you will see what "index" you are in.
    1) If you are in the Main Index, type 'Vagus nerve' in the search box. When it comes up, click the link on "illus." and it will take you to a diagram.

    2) Instead of using the Main Index, you can also try the "Image Index". So, back to the Main Taber's page and in the top right corner there should be an "Index" button, select that, then you can select which index you would like to search, select "Image Index" and enter 'Vagus nerve' in search box and you should be good!

    Good luck! It takes some playing around and making sure you are scrolling down the whole page.