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I was having trouble communicating with a Spanish-speaking patient and to have a translator come to the unit every few hours was getting excessive when we simply needed to take vitals or handle... Read More

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    Quote from hotflashion
    News in Slow Spanish

    Unfortunately, the News in Slow Spanish and BBC Spanish teach the Spanish spoken in Spain, which is slightly different from the Spanish spoken over on this side of the pond. News in Slow Spanish has a Latin America link on every episode and there are also links to two audio books in slow (Latin American) Spanish, which sound great. You need a pretty good vocabulary to understand News in Slow Spanish; it's not for the rank beginner.
    Muchas gracias! Yo tambien aprendiendo español porque vivo cerca de el sur. Yo tengo uno o dos pacientes que solo habla español todos las semañas. Cuando yo moví aqui, no pasó mucho tiempo hasta yo sé que necesito hablar español (2 years ago).

    Thank you very much! I'm also learning Spanish because I live in the south. I have one or two patients that only speak Spanish every week. When I moved here two years ago, it was obvious very quickly that I would need to learn Spanish to communicate effectively with my patients.

    I've come along way in two years and although I'm not fluent, I know enough to be able to address basic needs as well as a basic assessment.

    That News in Slow Spanish site is AMAZING. I understand quite a bit but most people talk too fast for me to process, this looks like a great tool to bridge my listening fluency.
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    Quote from bhanson
    I've come along way in two years and although I'm not fluent, I know enough to be able to address basic needs as well as a basic assessment.
    Brava! (This appears to not be a Spanish word, but I like the sound of it.) Hooray! Good for you. I have more hope now. I'm volunteering in a free medical clinic where most of the patients do not speak English and one of the languages they do speak is Spanish, so I'm hoping to get some practice there.
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    Use Quizlet instead for the audio flash cards, it is free. The book you are using by Jarvis is very good. I teach Spanish a Second Language, and we have a course called "Spanish for Health Care Workers". Good luck you all. Lyl
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    Thanks for the tip! I work at a hospital that serves a large spanish-speaking population and learning Spanish is on my to do list.
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    I did already buy text-to-speech software, but thanks for the link to Quizlet. It looks like a good site!

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