So...whap apps do you have on your phone? - page 2

I know there are a few apps out there that come in handy for nurses. I came across RN notes, Davis' Lab and Diagnostics, etc. Obviously, you have to pay for all of them, but I was wondering if they were worth it; if they are... Read More

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    Epocrates, Medscape... pretty much what I need for the moment. There's a clunky OLD computer with a slow as heck internet connection at the nursing station where I can print out client medication information from them and look up ICD-9 codes. If I didn't have access to that, I'd likely have some sort of ICD-9 app.

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    I'm an APN and I carry my iPhone all day - use the phone all day long too.

    And...its very professional to step outside a room/meeting/whatever to take a call as long as you aren't involved in pt care.

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