Which smartphone & apps for nursing school?

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    I am a pre-nursing student trying to decide on which smartphone to buy and which apps are helpful. I have read other post which state in some schools/hospitals phones aren't allowed in clinicals etc. but I want one for looking up helpful info (such as drugs etc) outside of class. I have never owned a smartphone so I am a little in the dark other than the research I've done on the iphone and droid. Maybe I should wait until nursing school starts in Aug and see if the instructors or students suggest one over the other. Thanks so much!!

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    Hi stella2570,

    I would definitely recommend Epocrates (I have an iPhone). It's a really handy drug reference.

    Also, I would get an NCLEX practice app (or 2 or 3-I have 4 ) - it's never to early to start familiarizing yourself with how NCLEX questions are written, even if you don't know the info yet

    Best of luck to you!!!
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    I also have an iPhone which has more apps available than the other smart phones. I LOVE, LOVE my iPhone. I can record my lectures, play them back while driving in the car. iTunes has several available recordings/lectures on nursing for free. It also has a ton of useful apps. I love Epocrates, the Davis Drug Guide, I have a lab value app, a nursing calculator, several NCLEX apps, games (Angry Birds is great for when you are annoyed). I use mine everyday in clinicals.

    Good luck to you in your schooling!
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    I have an iphone and an ipad 1 and like the apps they have to offer. I'm starting the program this fall. I third the Epocrates app. I have also installed Eponyms, Medscape, Micromedix Drug Information, Nursing Essentials, NCLEX Lite, and a few med calculators. I'll see how I like them and how much I'll use them.

    For my ipad I have the above apps plus Penultimate, and NoteTaker HD. I liked those as I can email the notes to myself for back up and printing.

    I took the recommendations I've found here on allnurses and went exploring!
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    I had PEPID while in nursing school. I would not recommend it.
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    I don't want to pay extra money every month just to have a smart phone, so I opted for a PDA - the iTouch. I looove my iTouch. I have the Nursing Central app which has Taber's dictionary, Davis drug guide, a nursing diagnoses guide, disease guide, and a couple other features.
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    Fast anatomy medical terminology med facts.... Omg there are tons of them... My advice just play around with your phone type in different classes or book and see what you can get FREE first.... Blessings in your program...
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    The only thing I don't like about tablets (iPad, Xoom, etc) is there are you MS Office apps, just generic ones that are more like WordPad, etc... I find it hard to take notes with those...

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