Skyscape Nursing Constellation Plus or Pepid Student Clinical Companion Suite?

  1. Hi,

    I just bought the blackberry bold and wanted to install an all in one nursing program. I was just wondering what program works best? I downloaded the free trial from pepid it doesn't seem all that great. If someone has actually purchased the pepid program I would be interested how different the trial version is from the full version.

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  3. by   mystical0217
    I am debating the same thing.. I think I am leaning towards pepid.. did u decide, if so which did you choose and how is it?
  4. by   LuckyKelleyK
    I have the blackberry bold also and I will be using skyscape. Based on things I have read and heard, skyscape is better. I don't have firsthand experience yet though....
  5. by   brianjames601
    I just recently bought PepidSCC. I attempted to research as much as possible(w/out trial versions) and ended up going w/Pepid because it seemed to be the less well known but stronger looking up and coming product. I didn't try trial versions because I just know me-and if I spend that much money- I will make it work. Overall, I am happy. More info than I will possibly learn and I have basically spent a few days navigating around program-figuring out which method for studying will work best for me-I don't foresee myself whipping it out in clinicals etc..-I just purchased it because it makes the studying much more exciting and efficient for me. It would be nice to communicate w/other students using Pepid to see how everyone is using a program w so much info!

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