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Recommended size for iPod Touch for nursing only?

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    I'm starting nursing school in January and our school requires us to have a mobile device for clinical use (cameras are ok-i checked). I already have an android as my personal mobile, but I want to buy an ipod to use for nursing only. Assuming I download the majority of the most popular nursing apps, would 8 GB be sufficient space? I'm not going to download any music or other non-work/school related items.

    (Sorry if this is a really dumb question, I'm just not sure if the app sizes are all I should look at, or if I'll end up needing more space for other data, etc.)

    Thanks so much!
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    I have an 8G ipod touch. I can only use in some clinical applications, LTC but not med surg, anyway I have Tabers, Davis Drug guide and a few other apps related to labs and radiology. 8G is plenty I think
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    Thanks so much for your 2! I'd much rather buy the 8GB, but I don't want to find out after the fact that I need more memory.
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    I got the 8 and have had no issues. I have tons of nursing apps (no music/games/photos).
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    Yeah you will be fine with the 8 gigs. Even if you - were - to load it up with some tunes you would be fine. If you were going to use your ipod to make or watch movies then you would need something bigger.


    ps: can I suggest this app for you it's called "lab values" it's icon is red and it is a great lab app.
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    Got the 8 too. No issues.

    Good luck!
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    A well known and time tested rule of buying computer stuff is that no amount of memory or storage space is "enough". Just as you thought you had enough storage, the next application or upgrade comes along and you are kicking yourself for not getting the extra space.

    By all means... go with that which you can reasonably afford, or save a bit more money and wait for the better data storage.

    Having just switched from a CrackBerry to a Droid (Bionic), I am finding our more about what the Droid stuff can do, and am switching even my Palm T|X files over. Maybe the Android will cover what you need to do with the iPod Touch.
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    8GB is fine, just don't fill it up with games! Those take a lot of space sometimes.
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    I'm a student and my 8 gb is fine, I have every nursing app there is I think!

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