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question about current epocrates

  1. 0 Hey Y'all,

    I have used Epocrates RX pro since 2007. I love it. It isn't as thorough as say, my gahart IV drug book but hey, it's a great little handydandy thing. When I first subscribed to it, there was a button on the multichecker thing that said "IV" and it would check multiple IV items for compatability.

    I still have the same subscription but I no longer see it doing this, it just seems to be checking for whether or not you should be giving the drugs together at all, like what side effects they will have. Which is nice that it explains these things but ... what happened to the IV checker? That's the reason I bought the program in the first place!

    Anyone else see this, or have some idea what went on...
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    Have you contacted their tech support? When I've had issues, they have been very helpful. Its probably just a setting change or something easy and simple.