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PDA's for nursing school

  1. 0 anybody think its a good idea to get an ipad for ns?
    i have heard its reccomeneded to purchase a PDA...anybody using an itouch?
    what has been working for you?
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    Many people use an iPod/iPhone

    I would imagine an iPad would be more trouble than it's worth especially when the issue of cross contamination comes into affect.

    On the clinical side that is ... in the classroom ... I wouldn't see any problems .. besides the issue of printing ...
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    Ipad is big, or better yet larger than PDA or Itouch. I guess you need to decide what you are going to use it for? I use the Ipod Touch, has all the applications I want, small, light, and does what I need it to do. Basically, I use it to replace carrying all those books and the quick search functions. Can a PDA do the same? sure, so can the Ipad. For me it came down to size, cost and convenience.

    Research the app's first, then what your expectations are, I think with those two items you can make a educated decision.

    BTW, in my class of about 70, maybe 5 of us have electronics, my school while wireless, the nursing classes have barely any signal and some clinical locations get edgy when you bring out the hand-held electronics. Just food for thought.

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