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i see lots of people (including myself) asking for advice on pda's and programs for them. someone suggested a forum for them a while ago but that obviously didn't' happen. how about if we made a... Read More

  1. by   Magriff3
    Do not puprchase a DELL Axim 50-51...many have just died. Black, nocoming back to life. very upset after spending $$$$$$ on all software, etc. When you log into the DELL forum.....many have experienced the same thing and nothing to fix it. After 2-3 years....gone.
  2. by   CraigB-RN
    Last time I checkd I didn't think Dell was selling those anymore. They are old tech and i'm sorry but it's not unusual for PDA to die after a couple of years. You should be alble to reinstall the software if you get another win based PDA.
  3. by   Magriff3
    Any suggestions on another PDA with WIn based software? ( a good one)????
  4. by   CraigB-RN
    You're giong to have to research that one yourself. I haven't used a win based PDA for about 5+ years. I've tried them in the past but always went back to Palm. Search here. there are a lot of them out there. try www.Pocketpcthoughts.com and Brighthand.com.
  5. by   KXMc65
    Hi there,
    Great info in this thread. I'm starting school in Fall, and looking to get one. I understand there is a good chance PDA phones won't be allowed in clinicals, but that straight PDA's aren't really being made anymore. Is it a crapshoot whether a 'new' TX will be obsolete in the next couple of years? Might Skyscape, Davis, Taber, etc stop making software compatible with the TX OS? I know any answers will probably be guesses, but is anyone else concerned about this? I've put in a bid on eBay, and hope I get it. I guess I'm just wondering if anyone has any insight into possible futures of PDA vs Smartphone, and Palm OS vs Windows Mobile 6.1 . Thanks in advance for any info...
  6. by   SDA3694
    Which one would you go w/ ....IPOD Touch or HP IPAQ ??
  7. by   James Garrity

    For my Palm Tungsten e2,I love the medical/nursing soft ware from www.skyscape.com I have the Archamidies 360 program,Labs 360 program,RX drugs,but I am about to get there Nursing Constilation Plus,which contains the Davis Drug guide with built in dosage calculator(an even better dosage calculator),it will make dosaing errors almost non existant,unless you enter the wrong values.And since I eventualy want to become a CRNA,I will get the Anesthisiology Constilation all in one program,a virtual Anisthisia library at you finger tips.