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i see lots of people (including myself) asking for advice on pda's and programs for them. someone suggested a forum for them a while ago but that obviously didnít' happen. how about if we made a sticky for them it would be a... Read More

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    Which one would you go w/ ....IPOD Touch or HP IPAQ ??
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    For my Palm Tungsten e2,I love the medical/nursing soft ware from www.skyscape.com I have the Archamidies 360 program,Labs 360 program,RX drugs,but I am about to get there Nursing Constilation Plus,which contains the Davis Drug guide with built in dosage calculator(an even better dosage calculator),it will make dosaing errors almost non existant,unless you enter the wrong values.And since I eventualy want to become a CRNA,I will get the Anesthisiology Constilation all in one program,a virtual Anisthisia library at you finger tips.

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