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  1. Hi, I am a homecare nurse and need a good PDA with long battery life, ability to add med software, med info, add pt, md adresses, calendar for putting in next visit, recert, etc, need lg screen and stylet. Any suggestions? Don't need phone,GPS, and not too expensive. Get so confused looking online. Thanks in advance.
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  3. by   Mossback
    The iPod Touch is becoming quite popular for nurses, and there is certainly a wealth of software (medical and otherwise) available for it. However, it does not use a stylus. Input is via onscreen keyboard. Current cost of an 8gb Touch is about $220, although I've seen them sold for as little as $180.
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    We had to buy the Palm PDA for school, but if I could have gone back, I would rather have the Ipod Touch....it's very awkward for me to use the stylet, IMO the touch has a better user interface.....uploading onto the palm was a PITA also....my suggestion is to go to a store and play around with the PDA's....
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    What is a PDA ?
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    Quote from travellingsuitcase
    What is a PDA ?
    Personal Digital Assistant
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    I have and love, love, love the Palm LifeDrive.
    Huge memory and simple to use. Very long battery life, and the memory is expandable with a simple (and cheap) SD Card.
    The desktop application makes it really easy to enter client addresses then sync them.
    Supports a scaled down version of Word (I write a lot of notes during down time then sync them over and print them). It also supports pfd format.

    It does all of the stuff you listed and more.

    I don't even bother lugging my laptop to half my cases because of it.

    It is a little bigger than other Palms
    Palm still fully supports it on their website but I couldn't find it at the Palm 'store' on their website. A fast google showed me it can be bought new on Amazon for $200.
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    Quote from Silverdragon102
    Personal Digital Assistant


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