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    I have been reading about people using pda's in nursing school. I am starting in the fall. Does anybody use a pda cell phone instead of having a cell phone and a pda? If so, which one do you use and does it work well?



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    No one?
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    Is there a way to use the PDA while keeping the cell phone off? In our program cell phones are forbidden in clinical, which is where I use my PDA most.
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    Thanks - that is so true about the cell phones. That answered my question. I will get a separate phone and pda.

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    I have a classmate who has a PDA/Phone from Verizon he uses in clinical. I don't know how he handles the cell phone aspect of it (maybe he doesn't and no one's mentioned it to him.. I don't know) but he seems to like being able to carry one device for multiple purposes.
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    Is it the phone that is prohibited in clinical or just the ringing? Why couldn't you just turn the ringer off?
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    I have a Palm Treo 700P and I can leave the PDA functions (drug book, calculator, calendar, etc) on while the phone is off. Works out well for me.
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    I use a Treo 650. I am strongly in favor of the Palm OS because it seems not to have MS's stability issues...but, you can only open one program at a time. I use epocrates software pack (the free version) to look up meds: http://www.epocrates.com/ . I had a fellow Nursing Instructor ask me how I can be sure that my PDA's information was accurate...I replied with a question, "how can you be sure that your book is accurate?".
    Do some reserach over at http://reviews.cnet.com/Handhelds/20...ml?tag=ont.pda to see what works for you. Also, just turn off your phone while you are in clinical...the PDA functions will still work! I hope this helps...
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    Quote from MEO82
    Is it the phone that is prohibited in clinical or just the ringing? Why couldn't you just turn the ringer off?
    On any kind of unit with telemetry/cardiac monitors, it is said that cell phones interfere with the functioning of the monitors, so they must be turned off. I have heard new research disputes that, but it is still pretty standard to have cell phones completely turned off, at least on units with cardiac monitors.

    Turning ringers off is definitely a courtesy issue and should be done also.
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    I hace Cingular and my phone is an HTC 8525. Its great almost couldnt be without it and I can just turn off the phone part when need be.

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