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Hi! I have been reading about people using pda's in nursing school. I am starting in the fall. Does anybody use a pda cell phone instead of having a cell phone and a pda? If so, which one do... Read More

  1. by   Silverdragon102
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    (just to point out this thread is just over 2 years old and I am sure things have moved on a bit regarding technology )
  2. by   bananimal
    My immediate response.. My nursing program received a grant to fund each student with either an iPhone or Blackberry Storm depending on their carrier (we pick up the extra 29.99 a month data plan), or for just a plain iPod Touch for those who can't afford the extra cost. The grant is also funding them to load about 8 different books onto these devices! We are so lucky, and it is so exciting to me.. But I have worried about something similar. When you are seen using the device for, say, looking up a drug-- how can those around you distinguish this from text messaging or pointless web browsing? I am aware than in the confines of my nursing program-- they will permit the use of these devices, seeing as how they paid so much for them-- but what about when I graduate..

    And now clearly I need to read these two pages to find my answer =P
  3. by   nrstdwalden
    I have the Palm Treo 755, its a touchscreen smartphone, my service is through Sprint. It does everything I need for the most part, it has Palm Os and my only complaint about that is that it does not sync to Windows Vista 64 bit so if you plan on trying to sync with your personal computer to exchange files be sure to check compatibility. I currently have IV notes and Nursing Central which includes Davis' drug guide, diseases and disorders, labs and diagnostics, and a Taber's. Most of the time everything works well but there are a few occasions when the phone freezes up but not often.