pda for school

  1. hi,
    I'm confused about this 'pda' thing. I learned that I will need one for a school of nursing. can someone tell me what it is and where I can buy one?
    the software used is unboundmedicine.

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  3. by   Silverdragon102
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    PDA is a personal digital assistant. Few around although many are changing towards Iphone, Ipad, itouch, smart phone like Blackberry. A lot will depend on what the school states you must have. Check out the forum and see if anything here helps

    I have a TX and a Blackberry although haven't yet put any applications on my Blackberry the couple I have on my TX works great
  4. by   buster4
    i am in graduate school, just broke down and bought an iphone..... thought about an ipod touch, I personally wouldnt purchase any other pda other than those 2... unless you do an android from verizon........... or something.... what i am saying or trying to say, they are still selling the older palm tx, and pilots, hp handhelds,,,,,,,,,,, i am not too tech savvy, but i think the technology has changed and it would be better to do smartphone/i touch, or something like that...... most for your money