okay guys - I caved and got an iphone!!!! okay guys - I caved and got an iphone!!!! - pg.2 | allnurses

okay guys - I caved and got an iphone!!!! - page 2

was on call this weekend and my stupid blackberry froze on me, i reset it but lost several calls and text messages - grrrrr! so today, i went to the at&t store and got the 8gb iphone - its kinda... Read More

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    to sacstate2010...

    I use my iPod touch for a voice/lecture recorder by inserting a "thumbtack" microphone into it that I got from Amazon for around $13. You have to get an app for a voice recorder also. I love it and like to consolidate my electronics when possible.

    The higher the goal, the harder the climb -- the sweeter the success!
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    Does the pedi STAT and pedi doser have information for neonates as well? I'm debating on the iphone or one of the t-mobile phones. Thanks!
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    Yes - both start at birth (I just checked mine and the minimum weight is 3.5kg).
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