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Hello fellow nursing nursing school made an option for their nursing students to pay and download this program called skyscape which included serval apps we need for nursing school. Its... Read More

  1. by   acosenza2
    I am surprised at the backlash that people have received while using iPod/iPhones on the units. When I did clinical I quickly ditched the books for the apps on my iPod and never looked back. I told my instructors that I was using it for apps and it was not a problem. No one from the hospital ever said anything about it, and I always saw other medical staff using this for references, including doctors, residents, therapists, and other nurses.

    I am always surprised about facilities not embracing technology. It is infinitely more efficient than pulling out reference books from some cabinet at the end of the hall and it is always up to date. I do know many facilities have online resources on the computers on the units, but that is assuming you can find a work station and actually have time to sit down and look it up.

    As for the OP, I use Epocrates, Medscape, and Micromedex. For lab values you can also try MD ezLabs.
  2. by   Tinkx RN
    I totally agree but personally for me I like books but maybe if I can get a better mobile device then maybe I would better appreicate the pp world better. Thank you for the information.
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  3. by   ImKosher
    Yeah I would try to go without it as long as I can. Set some money aside just in case, if you still need to buy the digital copies.
  4. by   Futurenurse108
    Try mini nurse for the Droid!!
  5. by   boricualuv4ever
    medscape, skycrape, epocrates, mini nurse, nurse converter.

    In android, google play store and ipod look up the words nurse and nursing. plenty of apps should pop up so pick what you need! using the above i was pretty much set.

    purchase a small skills book and drug book. hospitals have a policy of no phone usage on the floor including pt rooms. if you need to look something up on the phone - HIDE. try the bathroom, lounge or empty pt room. the best solution is to use the hospital computers, they have micromedex and so many resources on them for nurses to look up everything you need.
  6. by   Tinkx RN
    We as student nurses, in my particular hosptial school program, are allowed to use phone and kinda expected since we are required to purchase the app and a smart device if we didnt already have one...thank you for the advice...

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