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    Are nursing books on Kindle? I thought about asking for one for xmas, but I only seem to be brushing up on nursing education right now and it would be ideal to only have to pack a Kindle instead of a large bookbag.

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    There are some, but probably not enough for your needs: Science, Kindle Books Nursing Books
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    I've got plenty of books in PDF which supposedly can be transfered to kindle.. I'm not sure how it works with conversion of graphics like diagrams.
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    Thanks. I will check the link. I just want basic books.
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    I'm dying to get a Kindle! I'm finishing up my BS in psychology and planning on giving myself one as a graduation present! There are options for reading PDFs on the Kindle (see and it seems most textbooks are offered in PDF format from the publisher, so I'm hoping to cut down on the amount of books I have to lug around when I start nursing school next year.
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    I think the nook from Barnes and Noble is preferable over the Kindle as it supports most of the common eBook formats (rather than just Kindle's propriatory format).
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    Quote from kids
    I think the nook from Barnes and Noble is preferable over the Kindle as it supports most of the common eBook formats (rather than just Kindle's proprietary format).
    My apologies for a slight thread hijack!

    I'm a nursing student and I've got both a Nook Color and a Kindle w/3G. While the nerd in me likes the touchscreen NC better, the Kindle is lighter, has the free 3G (I've used that a lot in my last clinical rotation to look up stuff on the Internet), and Amazon has a much better return policy for books. I mention that last part because I've been looking for a good drug guide and bought one from Amazon that, while the book version is very good, the Kindle version not so much. I returned it for full credit the next day. At B&N, once you buy, it's yours w/no ability to return it. With B&N I would have been out the $30 (or at least not able to use the book like I needed) but with Amazon I got my money back.

    The PDF reader's navigation in the Kindle is not as flexible as the one in the NC but you can e-mail documents (*.doc and PDFs) to the Kindle and convert them to the Kindle's format if you wish. One really neat thing about the Kindle's format is that the Kindle can read to you. (Retention goes up markedly for what we both see and hear!)
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    Yeah I use an Ipad. It washes out in the sun but almost all of my school is inside so no problem. I'm not the "read a book while outside by the pool" kinda person. What I'd really like is an Ipad with my iphone4's retina display. i've tried that kindle PDF email program and it left alot of textbooks looking like crap. Tables didn't work and god forbid if they had background images. This was back when the first kindle came out. If you need a drug guide let me know. I've got several in e-book.
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    Gotta give an 'amen' about the formatting getting messed up when converting to the Kindle format. Should have mentioned it. Did it once and that was enough.

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