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Nursing applications for cell phones

  1. 0 Can any of you help with good applications for my cell phone. i am trying NOT to buy a phone package plus a 30.00 per month internet fee. I am hoping for an idea/provider so that I can download aome drug or other apps on a phone w/out the internet. Any ideas? Thank You
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    I don't think that's a possibility..but I dunno.
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    When I was in nursing school I paid for Nursing Central found here:

    I have a phone that is more like a pocket pc and the application was easy to use. While my phone does have internet, it was a necessity to utilize the program, unless I wanted to run an update. One thought also would be to check where you work to see if they have any programs you can download to use. At my work they have a subscription to Thomson Clinical Xpert that we are able to use on mobile devices. I think that you are going to be limited in what is available to you if you aren't able to utilize the internet unfortunately though.
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    All the smart phones that are capable of running applications that I am aware of will also require a data plan through the provider. They won't even let you activate a smart phone without a data plan. Your best bet would be to talk directly with providers.
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    I think that Nursing Central is also available for the Ipod Touch. You can use the Ipod Touch over WiFi, eliminating the need for a data plan from a cellular carrier. Good luck!
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    I'll move this to the Mobile Computing forum for some more answers.