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Everyone is talking about what the best apps are to use on the job. Lucky for those of you that are permitted to have your device on your person. The LTC facility I am employed in forbids us from using our phones unless we are... Read More

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    At one job, I can have my phone on me as long as I don't abuse the privilege (e.g., no personal phone calls in patient areas or surfing on Facebook). So I do get to use some pretty helpful apps during the workday. Also, text messaging is how a lot of the staff communicates with MDs and each other if we're not able to reach someone at their desk/office phone.

    Another job has a strict ban on cell phones. As having the job is more important to me than having an app at my fingertips, the phone stays in my locker.

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    If an iPod is also prohibited, I'd carry my notes with me in a binder.

    (Love my iPod!)

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